How to Choose Mens Fancy Dress Costumes and Fancy Dress Accessories

Deciding on your mens fancy dress for Halloween can quite difficult. But it can also be one of the easiest things ever. Stitch up the sides of a big wide bed sheet, cut out two holes for the eyes, and a ghost costume shall be all ready for you. Of course, that could be simplifying things more than a little, unless one really wants to be a ghost. For those of you who want more there are so many outfits that you could choose from. However, just the clothes will not complete your look. You will need some fancy dress accessories. Fancy dress accessories will complete your costume. Let’s face it; Halloween was much simpler when we were just kids. I mean, you could just drape a sheet on yourself and you never had to worry about impressing anyone. Now, it’s a whole different ballgame. You have to find a costume that will look impressive sexy or funny without making you look silly, especially if there is to be female company. If you need a mens fancy dress costume for a party, for the office or just a fun night at home,here are some great ideas for mens fancy dress that will ensure that you get noticed and admired and you certainly won’t look silly.-.Men in Uniform – It’s not a big secret that women can go nuts over a man in uniform. Just ask the several other guys you meet who are wearing firemen, police, and soldier costumes. Dressing up in uniform is a great way to appear attractive and masculine. Uniforms always make great costumes, whether you’re dressing up as a fireman, policeman, soldier, fighter pilot, sailor, etc. Mens fancy dress accessories such as hats, boots, helmets, fake guns and so forth are inexpensive and will add a finishing touch to your outfit. If you’re planning on attending a Halloween party with a group of other guys, make sure you’re not going to appear as The Village People. Pop Culture – Pop culture has recently given us a lot more choices for mens fancy dress. You can opt to go dressed as a Survivor castaway, with some dirt smeared on your face, sandals, and swimming trunks. This is probably one of the easiest costumes you can assemble. Elvis fancy dress has always been popular but this year it looks as though the most popular costume is to be that of Michael Jackson. I’m sure the Elvis fancy dress will make a comeback one day soon! Sports – Another good mens fancy dress idea is to go and dress up as your favourite athlete. Don’t worry if you don’t really know how to play the game; that’s not the point here. Whether it’s baseball, football, basketball, or any other favourite sport, you can choose from lots of favourite sports icons to imitate. It would be a sure-fire hit, especially if some of the women arrive dressed up in one of those sexy tennis outfits or cheerleader uniforms. Pirate – What woman can resist a man in a crisp white pirate shirt and sexy black boots? Mens fancy dress accessories like eye patches, hooks, wigs and swords are all easily available. There are lots more of great mens fancy dress ideas. You can either go out and visit costume shops, or you can browse the Internet. The latter is particularly convenient and practical. Lots of great costume shops online have a wide selection of costumes and fancy dress accessories at very affordable prices

Summer Dress, Gowns, Corsets and More: Dress Up According to Your Body Type

Women are extremely conscious about their body but not every woman can dedicate hours of her precious time to the gym and get a well-sculpted figure. Dressing up those flaws in the body becomes essential and hence knowing your body type in the first place is very necessary. Fashion experts have categorized body types into 6 categories, which are in turn clubbed under top heavy, and bottom heavy categories. These 6 categories are: Round, Inverted triangle, Hourglass, Pear, Diamond and Straight shapes. Let us understand which style suits each shape. Round: This figure accentuates the middle and displays slender legs and a narrow hip. The lower half of the body is to die for and hence is the focal point of attention while dressing up. A slim-fitted A-line skirt will create magic and bring to the fore your long and slender legs. A small or busy print on flared outfits for the upper half of the body will distract attention from a heavier bust. Inverted Triangle: Broad shoulders and narrow hips characterize an Inverted triangle figure. Such women have extremely shapely legs to die for and should capitalize on this fact while dressing up. Broad shoulders can be balanced by wearing skirts that flare at the bottom. It is important to add the necessary volume to the lower body to balance the upper half. In this way, a curvaceous body can be shown off. Hourglass figure: The waist is the best asset of the Hourglass Figure. Perfectly balanced upper torsos in conjunction with a shapely lower half together make a dream figure called Hourglass Figure. It is necessary to accentuate the waist by wearing belts and tops that fit right at the waist. Baggy clothes will only camouflage the curves. Pear: Pear-shaped figure give away a shapely waist and a heavier lower body. While dressing up this type of body, it is essential to highlight the upper body in order that it looks fuller. Straight skirts that take attention off the waist are the ones to look out for and tops with a square neckline will help projecting the shoulders that are broad. Balance needs to be created around the bust to project a fuller bust. Diamond: A diamond shape differs from the pear as diamond shaped women are more curvaceous and pear shaped are more proportionate at that. Diamond shaped women have generous thighs and a broader bottom. To dress up a diamond shaped women takes more effort in accentuating the shoulders and the bust. A flirty-sleeved structured top or a jacket will help in balancing the upper torso and camouflaging the pitfalls. Straight: In this kind of a figure, the width of the upper and the lower torso is almost equal. It is a pale fissure without a characteristic bust and a flat bottom. The waist is also almost undefined. In order to doll up a woman with a straight figure, long tops with a long neckline and skirts that add volume to the lower half are essential elements one must have. The most important guideline here is to provide volume to the hips and bust in order to look curvaceous. It is important to know your body type in order to determine the kind of patterns, and most importantly the kind of fabric that should be used in your garments. You will only end up buying the right kind of clothes that accentuate your figure and in turn your personality.

Should You Dress in a Vivid White Bridal Dress?

Getting married can be a significant event in any lady’s life and what better way to mark it than with a wonderful party and a gorgeous white-colored gown? While strictly speaking not a single shade because it reflects all shades, white is striking nevertheless. Therefore it is not really surprising then that the majority of modern-day brides elect to dress in white wedding dresses. However, the donning of a white dress by a bride has not always been the strong tradition which it is today. Queen Victoria is credited with having started the trend when she wore a white-colored bridal gown to wed Prince Albert in the course of her rule in the 19th century. However, prior to that time women of all ages wore wedding dresses in an assortment of shades. What is more, in certain regions of the world such as The Far East, for instance, customary wedding apparel is often dominated by the color red because it’s considered to be a lucky and auspicious hue. In the country of India, too, brides have customarily donned red saris although a variety of hues have since become popular. Ethnic traditions aside, though, white is without a doubt the most well-liked hue for bridal gowns in many parts of the globe at present. That being said, not all modern brides-to-be choose to dress in white on their big day. The capacity to perceive coloration is among the joys of human existence and there’s something quite magical about witnessing a rainbow in the skies when the sun comes out following a rainstorm. Scientifically speaking a rainbow is the result of a system of reflection and refraction of sunshine off raindrops however this does not make it any less of a remarkable phenomenon to many folks. Hence if you are among those women who truly adores color then you may wish to dress in a wedding dress in your favorite hue. Several famous people have worn colored wedding gowns in recent times so you’ll be in great company if your do choose to be different and dress in a shade that is not cream or white. The beautiful pink and white ombre dress designed by John Galliano which Gwen Stefani wore to wed Gavin Rossdale in ’02 is possibly among the most renowned colorful celebrity wedding dresses to date. However, Sarah Jessica Parker had already broken with custom by getting married in a black gown in 1997 long before she came to play the part of the off-beat fashionista Carrie Bradshaw. What is more, the level of popularity of hued bridal dresses amongst celebs appears to be increasing. In recent years, celebrity brides have worn purple (Dita Von Teese), yellow (Amber Tamblyn), pink (Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway), and green (Kelis, Cynthia Nixon), to mention just a few. The well-known fashion houses have picked up on the craze of pink for bridal gowns in particular with Versace, Chanel and Elie Saab all featuring pink bridal gowns in their 2012 ranges. If, in spite of this, you are having trouble tracking down a ready-made bridal gown in the color of your choice you might want to take a look at evening dresses because there are plenty of styles out there and you may well come across a gown like this that will be appropriate to get wedded in.

Keep Summer Dress at the Beach: How to Create a Dress Policy For Your Company

With summer finally here, tank-tops and flip flops are coming out of closets and basking in the sun. However, some of these summer fashions also are making it to the workplace, causing trouble for company owners who want comfortable, happy employees as well as professional and safe attire. The solution to this problem: A dress policy. Dress codes or policies may seem to stifle individuality and lead to tension in an office, but if done properly, such regulations can have the opposite effect. Dress codes ensure the happiness of the employer by helping the company shape its image and create a work-focused atmosphere rather than one of relaxing at home. Additionally, dress codes can hinder problems of sexual harassment by requiring modest dress and eliminate Worker’s Compensation claims that arise from unsafe dress. Employees also benefit from dress regulations as it takes the guess work out of getting dressed for the job. A team environment is created as all employees are dressing similarly, creating a feeling of unity within the office. Also, uniform dress codes can ease tensions caused by coworkers criticizing the dress of one another as too fancy or too sloppy. When setting a dress code, an employer should keep in mind that there is no set policy for every company. Dress regulations vary depending on the type of workplace; a factory would require different attire than an office, for example. It is first important to recognize the specific safety, health or other requirements specific to each workplace and include these elements in the dress policy. Next, an employer should consider the location of the work environment, taking into account the weather as well as the style of dress for the region. General regulations for an office environment include ruling out overly casual or revealing clothing such as mini skirts and see-through fabrics. A tie or suit jacket may be required for men depending on the office. Any regulations about piercings, tattoos, and hairstyles should be included in a dress code as well as any restrictions on perfumes and colognes. Finally, it may be necessary to have multiple dress codes tailored to different areas in the workplace. For example, a receptionist who deals with the public might be required to dress differently than the behind-the-scenes support staff. When creating a dress policy, it also may be helpful to consult employees as well as customers about what they think is appropriate. Changes can always be made to a dress code, and allowing employee input will make the policy seem less restrictive. It also may be helpful to look at the dress policies of similar companies in order to create a new dress policy. Once a dress code has been created, it is important to make all employees aware of the policy. It should be printed and given to each employee. It may be helpful to have each employee sign it, to prevent cries of ignorance in the future. Periodic reminders of the dress policy are helpful, especially at the onset of summer. These reminders can be in the form of a friendly email or a posting in the break room or other area where all employees will be able to view the reminder. The most important factor in implementing a dress policy is for the employer to create an example by following the dress policy. If the boss is dressed according to the regulations, it is likely employees will be inclined to follow suit (no pun intended). There also should be enforcement of the dress policy, complete with disciplinary action for infractions. Taking into account these factors, the creation of a dress policy should be easy and painless. Don’t be shy about changing the policy if need be; just be sure to alert all employees to changes immediately. Taking employee opinions into account is key to making a dress policy work at your company. When the dress policy makes everyone happy, the company will run smoothly and efficiently while projecting an image of professionalism and unity.

Dress Up As the Bad Guys With Pirate Fancy Dress Costumes & Accessories

Though we hate crime and evil, we tend to love some evil characters. Pirates surely top the list and our love for Captain Jack Sparrow in Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean movie series is a perfect testimony to this. Since our childhood when we first read stories about pirates we started to love them, didn’t we? They are cool and brave and do things which most normal people would be scared to do. This thrill and adventure has led us to idealize and romanticize pirates for hundreds of years. We often pay our tribute to this hidden love and affection at fancy dress parties. Since the 18th century pirate fancy dress costumes have been among the most popular in the world. If you are planning to dress up as a pirate at a fancy dress party, here are some costume and accessory options that you can explore – • Caribbean Pirate Man – Boot tops, trousers, shirt, waistcoat and belt. It is the perfect pirate outfit that would let you enter into the character of Captain Jack Sparrow. Rest assured, you won’t need to introduce yourself at the party. • Pirate Maiden – Piracy is gender neutral and women can dress up as equally adventurous and adorable pirates as their male counterparts. Get into the character with a Pirate Maiden Costume These days long boots, skirt and stripped dresses and a matching bandana are favourite with womenfolk. • Dreadlock style wig – This is straight out of the Pirates of Caribbean. The wig comes with beading and bandana is the perfect accessory for any fancy dress party or a pirate themed one. • Pirate Bandana – The Black & White symbol of piracy, the bandana with skull and crossbones is something that is easily recognizable and perfect accessory for any pirate themed party. It goes well with all other pirate costumes. • Pirate Cutlass Sword– Can you imagine a pirate without a cutlass sword? Surely you can’t and these silver and gold swords are perfect for any male or female dressed up as a pirate for the event. This sword would surely make others at the party take note of it. • Pistol Gun – The old styled pistol gun one of the most recognizable symbols of piracy. Carry one with you to the party and it is one of the perfect accessories for any male or female pirate costume. • Eye Patch – Dress up as a veteran pirate who has lost an eye in one of the previous campaigns with a pirate eye patch. It is so symbolic to the struggle and adventure thatthe pirates have experienced over the years and continue to do so in many parts of the world. Most people prefer to shop for these costumes and accessories sitting in the comfort of their homes. The products at online stores are cheap and offer you a wide range of options to suit your style and needs. BKS Fancy Dress is one of the leading stores that offer a wide range of costumes that would fit into your budget and needs.